Monday, March 21, 2011

and to the republic....

so, early today, i've been battling with some highly illogical issues and things. but without getting too personal, i was kinda reminded about plato's republic.
something about the human soul and it having 3 parts. (of course, my philosophy class was in 1998, so i had to look up a little refresher)

but basically,
Plato argues that the human soul has three parts: an intellective (rational) part, a spirited part (having to do with emotion and will), and an appetitive part (having to do with drives and basic impulses).

i think that most human behavior can be understood, if not completely compartmentalized into these three parts. it's interesting that as complex as we are, this is what drives us and makes us, well.. us. and they each have a function to make us balanced, level and peaceful people. although, how do you know if you're balanced? aye, there's the rub. i don't think you do. and how do you know when you're dealing with people or things that are unbalanced? you don't know that either.

i'm making it my new resolution to let my intellective (rational) part rule the roost. no point in getting all crazy about things that you cannot change. i think that most people in life react from a state of fear. we are MOTIVATED by fear. the only thing i can do at the end of the day when presented with unbalance is ask myself,

what was the external circumstance or pressure I reacted to?

what could I have done differently?

what can I do next time I am faced with a similar situation?

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Jeope said...

No way! The id rulz!