Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i am doing it

i finally said "enough" to my icky habit of biting my nails. i would bet that i'll even be healthier and get less colds without my hands in my mouth 24/7.
 i wore fake ones for 2 weeks, got a little "start" and then painted them, and here i am almost 2 months into it and i have nails!
i don't even really have the urge to bite them they look so pretty. i wonder why people bite their nails anyway? for me it was kind of a release of stress and pressure. i never took them down to the point where
they hurt, but they just looked awful. now charlotte and i can do our nails together. :)

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Mindy Kuen said...

yippee! Painted nails are one of my favorite things about being a girl....ps- love the bracelet!