Monday, July 23, 2012

Never say never i guess!

i married at a relatively early age but i'm mindful of my friends who are still looking for their life partner. some are ambivalent about entering a long term relationship but others, like my friend lydia, are very upfront about their dream of settling down and having a family.

lydia lives in northern california and has never had trouble meeting guys. she maintains a healthy lifestyle, (yoga all the time) takes care of her appearance and has never said "no" to a blind date "just in case." i think that's a healthy attitude. but for all that, the right guy hasn't appeared.


i got a call from her a few weeks ago and I'd never heard her sound so excited. She had signed up for a new matchmaking service called Table for Six Dating that runs in several locations throughout california. lyd told me that it's a completely different concept than most other dating programs because it's set up to allow singles to meet in an unpressured atmosphere, get to know each other in a natural environment and basically have a good time while meeting new people.


i guess the concept is that Table for Six creates comfortable dinner engagements that bring six singles together for each dinner date. the participants meet at a restaurant in their area and get to know each other in a relaxing environment of good food and casual conversation. after the dinner, if two people want to see each other privately, they can make their own arrangements. i like that she is meeting these people in a group. it feels safer to me that way.


she said she talked to the people there about her fears and said everybody was really easy to talk to and it wasn't "weird."i guess they interviewed and screened all of the participants before the events and that put her at ease when she went to dinner with the groups.


she went in with zero expectations, and i guess she is dating one the guys that she met at a T46 event. i hope it works out! 


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