Tuesday, December 04, 2012

our vacations 2013

it's been a FAST year.  time has been flying by, organic and winding. so much has happened and i see the last time i blogged was summer! i feel kind of free in a way, because i haven't felt tied to my blog. i've been living my life, working my ass off and generally just eeking by. i do things when i can. i grocery shop when i can, i grab milk when i can, and if i can't... then we go without it for a couple days. one thing we did do is made time to take TWO vacations this year. (well, i had 3 if you count going to boston without craig and the kids!) 

we were lucky enough to be invited to deep creek lake to stay for free with some friends who also have a daughter who is 6, and charlotte just loved her. i think she was a little annoyed by charlotte, but it was still cute to watch! we ate out, had bonfires, drinks, more good food and lots of laughs. charlotte and colton were given their first boat ride by captain tom. charlotte loved it so much she fell asleep. 

our other vacation was in september and we went to ocean city. i mis judged that one a bit, it was a little chilly! but i think we all had a good time toher than being a little bit cold! the hilton had an amazing play/water area for the kids and charlotte is a little fish thanks to her grandparents owning a pool. the room was also amazing and HUGE. i could've stayed in there the whole trip. i loved being with my family, every time i get to hang out with my kids for long periods of time, i feel like we know each other a little better. they are becoming such amazing little personalities. charlotte is such a ham. and colton is such a little DUDE. he really is going to be such a boy. i'm not really prepared for this. i'm too used to girls. at least i can count on craig to reign him in when he gets too wild, which is most of the time. we ate out at so many good places, i'm shocked we didn't gain 40 pounds each. it was WAY nicer this year, NOT being pregnant at the beach. 

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