Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas is coming

this goose has gained a pound or two, but that's ok. :) we've been in full swing in the spec household. decorating the tree, cookies, gifts... it's enough to make my head spin. i can't imagine having more than 2 kids!! how do you people do it?? besides all that, i work a full time job along with craig and have charlotte's gymnastics and we're always running here or there for this or that. it's a good life though, i wouldn't trade it for anything. charlotte's newest obsessions are gymnastics, and the princess bride. she knows all the major lines, "you are no match for my brain!" and "he was a farmboy, poor and perfect." it's hysterical. i hope she's into it next year so she can be buttercup and colton can be the dread pirate roberts. they sit together on the couch and watch it over... and over, .... and OVER. colton is even getting into finding "fisbee" our little elf on the shelf. he's only one and four months, but he knows that every morning we go looking for fisbee and he usually finds him and he starts freaking out. it's so cute. i'm guessing christmas morning is going to be really exciting at our household, can't wait!

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