Tuesday, December 11, 2012

haunted hotels and tattoos

my sister is getting a divorce. it's sad, but, i know for her, it's the best thing. so i decided to take her on a girls excursion to a bed and breakfast for some adventure!
we had a blast. we got lost getting to sunnyledge in shadyside, then checked in and the place was certifiably haunted looking. we slept HORRIBLY - so maybe it's hard to sleep in haunted places? we sat on the bed, talked about music and checked out where the shops were. then we decided to go get tattoos, or, at least check them out. 
we got there and it was hard to say no to a place that has the line, "old fashioned assholes" on their business card. it was super exciting and i've always wanted the mama bird and her "two little stars" - so i got my star i had cleaned up and just went for it. it came out so amazing! meg got the eiffel tower and "love" in french. i thought that was pretty amazing since love hasn't always treated her well. we ended up going to dinner afterwards at buffalo blues and then out to a hole in the wall, kelly's for nachos and drinks. the waitress had a HUGE pittsburgh bridge tattooed across her chest, so it made me feel a lot better about my little wrist tattoo! i hope to make this an every year event - or at least spend more time with meg. we had a blast. we both needed it. 

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