Monday, August 02, 2010

pump up the jam

so... today for whatever reason, i got SO sick of my hair. it needed something, a lift maybe? i did some research and figured out which hair pieces are "too shiny" and "look like barbie hair" causing less than satisfactory reviews on amazon. what did we EVER do before product reviews?! these product reviews were especially important, because once you buy a hair piece, you can NEVER GO BACK. booo. something about lice and scabies,... aanyway. do you know what YEAR it was the last time i stepped foot in a salon... probably 2008. maybe 2007... not completely sure but it was a long time ago, this is how i justify this silly purchase. so, i drove to my local ulta, and decided that amidst all the fabulous reviews for this particular "bump it" piece, that it was the one for me. and do you know what brand it is??




ugh. but it is SO CUTE.


Morgan said...

looks super cute! Is it a hair piece or a bumpit? Im thinking of doing on for my wedding, bust have more info!

devon spec said...

morgan, it's a jessica simpson "bump up the volume" hair piece! (so it's an actual clip in hair piece) i LOVE IT. :)

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

It IS so cute! Good purchase, even if it is J.S. : )

Amanda said...

I think it looks awesome! Perhaps I should check into this :)